5 Brazilian Food Faves (April)

download (22).jpg1) Açai

A really thick smoothie made from açai berries, topped with fruit (usually banana, strawberry or kiwi here in São Paulo), with granola on top. People also often have condensed milk poured over it too but I’ve never gone for that. So tasty, resembling ice-cream but without the extra calories.

2) Estrogonofedownload (23).jpg

OK, so stroganoff is technically from Russia but it’s so popular here in Brazil and considered the ultimate comfort food. It comes with either chicken or beef, cooked with onions, mushrooms, tomato sauce and heavy cream, served with white rice and batata palha (shoe-string potatoes).


3) Vaca Atoldadadownload (21).jpg

I just spent the weekend in Minas Gerais and had the pleasure of sampling this local dish. The recipe apparently came from the cattle drivers who took cattle from farms to markets all over the state. It consists of beef ribs cooked with pieces of cassava root (a tuber root vegetable very close in flavour and texture to potato) and it’s served with white rice and bread.

4) Bolo de Fubá

Brazilian sweet cornmeal cake is common on the breakfast table or as an afternoon download (24).jpgsnack with coffee. Some people like to incorporate cheese or coconut into the recipe for a richer and denser consistency, but the traditional version just includes finely ground cornmeal in a fairly standard cake receipe. Once you get over the fact that it basically tastes like a corn on the cob, it’s actually quite tasty with a light and delicate texture.

download (25).jpg5) Pão de Queijo

I can’t believe I haven’t given these little fellas a mention yet. Brazilian cheese breads are small baked cheese rolls, which are usually served up for breakfast. These also come from Minas Gerais, apparently originating from African slaves who would soak and peel the cassave root and make bread rolls from it. There was originally no cheese in them, but these days they have a gooey, elasticy type cheese in the centre.



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