Fruits of the Brazilian Street Market

Something that I absolutely love about living in Brazil is the availability of such a delicious range of ‘exotic’ fruits and juices. There’s a street market next to my apartment building every Sunday, and if you get there at the right time (just before they pack up for the day), they start selling everything off for dirt cheap. This means you can bulk-buy for juicing and general fruity moments throughout the week. All the sellers are extremely loud and enthusiastic about making a sale and they also let you sample all the fruits before buying them. Aside from the fruits I`m more accustomed to like bananas, oranges, strawberries, pears, apples, kiwis, and pineapples, there are also these beauties up for the taking…

download (10).jpg

Goiaba (guava) is a common dessert fruit in Brazil and is often made into a paste to eat with white cheese (a winning combination called Romeo & Juliet).

download (9)

Maracujá (passion fruit) isn`t a personal favourite but it`s extremely popular in Brazil, particularly in cocktails. Brazil is also the biggest exporter of passion fruit worldwide.

download (11).jpgCaju Who knew that a cashew nut was part of a fruit? It was news to me. There`s the nut part and also the fruit part (called the caju apple). It`s used to make juice, honey, desserts and alcohol.

Mamão (papaya) is usually eaten at breakfast in Brazil and is one of the download (12).jpgmost produced and eaten fruits here. Can`t argue with this one, it`s delightful.

download (13).jpgGraviola is an odd-looking one with green spines on the outside and white fruit on the inside. It`s eaten either raw or put in juices, yoghurt and smoothies.

download (14)Cupuaçu is often described as smelling like white chocolate and pineapple and tasting like pear and banana. It`s from the north of Brazil and it`s used in desserts, juices and sweets.

download (15).jpgJabuticaba is a thick-skinned berry a bit like a grape, used to make tarts, jams, strong wines and liqueurs. It also looks good in a caiprinha (but tastes less so).

download (16)

Manga (mango) is unbelievably sweet and delicious in Brazil. People usually just peel the fresh mango, cut it and suck the last bits off the pit. Bit messy but it works.

download (17).jpgAvocado is around in my home country, but we usually eat itas part of an appetizer. Here in Brazil, they are absolutely enormous and people eat them with honey or sugar for breakfast.

download (18)

Jaca (jackfruit) is gigantic, sweet and starchy. You can pull the flesh apart into creamy yellow segments, each of which contains a seed. It has a very strong aroma which resembles smelly feet. Yum.

download (19).jpgAtemoia is a cross between a sugar apple and cherimoya. They`re large green fruits with a soft, white inside and you need to suck the flesh off the seeds and spit them out. Quite tasty but very hard work to eat.

Do you have any strange or interesting fruits in your country?


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