5 Brazilian Food Faves (March)

1) Jabuticabadownload-31

A thick-skinned berry, a bit like a grape, native to Brazil. Jabuticabas are eaten fresh or made into jams, tarts, liquors etc. They are also look really good in a caiprinha (but are usually massively overpowered by the cachaça flavour-wise).

2) Farofa

download-30Now this one has grown on me lately. Farofa is toasted cassava flour with butter, salt, bacon, onions, garlic and sometimes egg. It´s usually sprinkled over rice & beans, fejjoada or basically anything moist (sorry). Can´t say I was a huge fan of this initially since it gave me a severe case of dry mouth, but it does add a bit more flavour.

3) Bauru

download-28Don´t ask me how Brazil has managed to claim this as it´s own, I was always under the impression that the humble sandwich came from England. Let´s not fight though, a bauru is basically cheese, ham or beef and tomato, melted in french bread. Simple, yet delicious.

4) Chica Bon

download-52Not much to say about this other than the fact that it´s the best ice-cream ever. A simple chocolatey delight on a stick, a bit like a Mini-milk but bigger and with milk chocolate.

5) Beef Parmigianadownload-44

OK, so this is technically Italian but it was brought over to Brazil by Italian immigrants and is really popular here now. It consists of sliced beef (or chicken) layered with tomato sauce and cheese, baked in the oven. In Brazil it`s usually served with rice and chips and is the ultimate comfort food/ hangover cure.


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